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UFAS SOPA NAAC British Lion Quality Scheme  

The UFAS feed scheme is the animal feed industry’s own assurance scheme, designed to ensure the safety of all animal feedingstuffs supplied by scheme members. The scheme is based on the principle of an assured supply chain. This means that we source all of the materials we use from suppliers who have themselves been independently audited to ensure that the items they provide are safe and pose no risk to human or animal health. This ensures that customers can be confident that Norvite has the benefit of a safe and robust audit and traceability chain behind it, providing confidence and reassurance in the quality of feed that they buy from us.

All of our manufacturing sites are subject to a rigorous audit programme, including both internal reviews by our own qualified auditors and annual external audits by inspectors from our certifying body. These inspections provide independent validation of our quality management system and help to ensure that everything we do meets the requirements of the UFAS feed scheme. For our customers, this means that they can be confident that the feed they buy from Norvite is safe, secure and made in plants that comply with all relevant food and feed safety legislation.
To read more about UFAS click here to visit the UFAS website.

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Norvite are members of the SOPA Processors scheme. We are audited independently against the standard every year, to verify that the organic feeds made using our Quantum mobile feed mill comply with the requirements of the scheme.

In addition, we manufacture a wide range of approved non-organic feed mineral supplements, which have been approved by SOPA for use in organic feeding systems. Our nutritionists are able to advise customers on which supplements are most suitable for their needs.
To read more about SOPA click here to visit the SOPA website.

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Norvite operates a Buschoff Tourmix mobile feed mill under its Quantum brand. This state of the art German technology is designed to fulfil the requirements of the German FVO feeding guidelines and offers a combination of precise mixing quality, very low product separation and extremely efficient self-cleaning.

Norvite are members of the NAAC Mobile Feed Mixing and Processing Scheme. The scheme is based on HACCP principles, which are a central requirement of Food and Feed Safety legislation. Our membership demonstrates that we apply the same high quality standards to our Quantum brand as we do to our other manufacturing operations.
To read more click here to go to the NAAC website.

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British Lion Code
The Quantum mobile mill is registered under the British Lion Code of Practice. This means that it is approved for the manufacture of poultry feed for both pullets and laying birds. Norvite are happy to work with growers in providing a range of services that will help them to comply with the requirements of the Lion Code of Practice.
To read more click here to go to the British Lion Code of Practice website.

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