Norvite Quantum Mobile Milling


Through our growing international connections, Norvite acquired state-of-the-art mobile milling technology from Buschhoff, a German manufacturer, in 2003. Our newly branded Quantum machine was capable of mixing high volume, 6 tonne batches and was able to move around the farm to conveniently deliver feed into different bins. Quantum made an instant impact in the pig and poultry home milling market, and within three years most mobile milling businesses had converted to this new type of mobile milling technology.

Today Norvite operates a Buschhoff Tourmix 02 Mobile Feed Mill, which provides a fast and reliable feed processing service on farm. These machines not only offer great precision with a 1:100,000 mix dispersion level, but also significant flexibility. The interchangeable screens mean that the physical quality of the diet can be easily altered to customers' specification. This technology provides: accurate weighing of each ingredient; options for the addition of bulk, liquid and bagged products; fast batch production; fast and effective automatic cleaning of the mixer tank between batches. All these combine to provide unrivalled on-farm feed production.

There is potential for substantial cost savings with home-mixing compared to compound feeding, particularly for producers growing their own cereals. On-farm mixing allows complete control over the quality of ingredients used. This gives full traceability and completes the home produced/free range image, which is becoming increasingly important to consumers.

We are in prime position to assist producers wishing to pursue the advantages of home mixing. Drawing on the expertise of global nutritionists, Norvite has compiled a range of high-spec premixes specifically designed to complement home-mixed diets.

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