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NORVITE recognises that management of the Company’s activities in an environmentally responsible manner makes sound business sense and demonstrates a commitment to the principles of sustainability. We accept that active and practical leadership in respect of environmental management is a key business function and that a concerted approach must be adopted to prevent pollution, minimise waste and achieve continual improvement in environmental performance.

NORVITE will achieve this objective through:

• Complying with all relevant legislation and statutory guidance
• Continually monitoring, improving and updating processes to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and standards
• Applying an HACCP-based environmental management system to identify environmental aspects of our business
• Setting clear and attainable objectives and targets
• Monitoring and reviewing performance against these objectives and targets on an ongoing basis
• Recognising that all employees, at all levels of authority, are responsible for ensuring that we achieve our goals, and as a result:
• Ensuring that all staff are properly trained to carry out their functions

Waste and energy reduction is our main priority in improving our environmental performance. We seek to conduct our activities in such a manner that efficient use is made of every resource we use or consume.

Ultimate responsibility for the Environmental Quality System lies with the Managing Director. The Quality Systems Manager is responsible for the implementation, coordination and maintenance of the system. Every employee has specific responsibilities within the Environmental Quality System to help the company achieve its stated commitment to fulfil the requirements of its customers.

Edward Smith
Edward Smith
Managing Director

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NORVITE is conscious of its position both within the local community and within the national agricultural sector. We are proud to be a local business, sourcing as many of our raw materials as possible locally and providing a high quality, locally-made product.

We have attained accreditation with all agricultural assurance schemes relevant to our Company, including the Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA).

The Company believes that our commercial success must be balanced with the needs of the communities within which we operate and that we have an ethical obligation to ensure that our relationship is mutually beneficial. To that end, we support a number of initiatives locally and nationally.
In particular, we have chosen to champion initiatives for educating our communities about agriculture – we sponsor the Royal Northern Countryside Initiative and have also forged positive relationships with local providers of primary, secondary and further education to support their educational aims.
We are proponents of business mentoring and are pleased to now be able to play an active role in this scheme.

We strive to make a positive impact within our communities, mindful that philanthropy is about more than signing a cheque. We encourage our employees to involve the Company in causes that are close to their own hearts, ensuring that we have a connection with the charities, fundraising endeavours, nature projects, schools, agricultural associations, local associations and other organisations that we support. A comprehensive list of the initiatives we sponsor is available upon request.

The Company recognises our responsibility to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from the successful operation of our activities, all of which will be conducted in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements. We shall ensure that all appropriate safeguards are implemented to prevent exposing either our employees or the general public to risks to their health and safety. We believe in the active participation of all employees in the maintenance of our high standards. Whilst ultimate responsibility for health and safety lies with the Managing Director, we expect all employees to fulfil their duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

The Company is committed to offering equal opportunities in recruitment, training and career development, having particular regard to individual aptitudes and abilities. Full and fair consideration is given to all applicants, regardless of race, sex or disability. We are proud to maintain high staff retention and aim always to train, develop and promote staff from within wherever possible.

Edward Smith
Edward Smith
Managing Director


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